Topband: JA

S. Watanabe
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 13:27:33 +0900

Hello Topbanders,

Thank you very much fellows for your interests on JA band subject.
As reported, reserved band segment of 1810 - 1825kHz will be released to
Japanese Amateurs after 1 Apr. 2000. The current segment of 1907.5 - 1912.5
will remain as it is. Only CW will be allowed on both segments. These are 
the bottom line at present time.

How nice to see the band is expanded 4 times than current 5kHz bandwidth!
I am expecting LESS QRM in the JA band when the band opens and a lot of 
DX stations appointing same QSX. This will produce more chances for DX QSO.
Further more, we can call the DX station ON HIS FREQUENCY if he calls CQ
on 1810-25. Despite of increasing inter-JA QRM, these are the GREAT merit
of band expansion. We have been petitioning to expand the 160m band to the
authorities for long time, and now it comes to be realized (partly).

We had better discuss to find the best way to use 2 segments for efficient

Personally I think we should now accept mentioned bottom line as the first 
step of the future expansion to the full segment, and the SSB issue might 
be considered when we are to get more in higher portion (ie. SSB band).

I will let you know the final decision coming out from the authorities.
73 Watt JA0DAI (also WR3W)  

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