Topband: JA 1810-1825 kHz Band
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 00:53:33 -0800

I received the following from Topbander Aki, JE1SPY (K1ZT):

"Our JA topbander can not QRV on SSB on 160m.
1810-1825 & 1907.5-1912.5 khz will be CW only.
Japanease goverment (Post & Telecomunication Office) suggest
to SSB operation to JARL. But JA1AN opposited to that suggession.
I QRV on 160m band SSB in some countries(KH2,F,DL,HA,LZ,FK....)
SSB operation was very interesting on 160m so I was dissapointe
this news."
I agree with the ham that commented that it might be better that they not
be split into two "bands" on 160-meters, but the JAs have long deserved
more space to roam in on Topband, so let's welcome them with open arms to
their new segment.

Their new segment may seem strange, but it's a step in the right

A quick scan of K0CKD's world-wide 160-meter frequency allocation list
shows that many other countries are also restricted to small segments of
the 160-meter band, such as the 20 kHz segment from 1830 to 1850 kHz
where, incidentally, they have both CW and SSB operating privileges. 
Obviously, the hams in those areas of the world have developed operating
practices through experience so that not too many toes are stepped on. 
I'm sure the same development will take place within a short time after
the JAs start using their new frequencies.

Not all of us are as fortunate to have the entire 200 kHz from 1800 to
2000 kHz on both SSB and CW, but let's hope and pray that someday ALL
countries will enjoy that privilege, including Japan.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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