Topband: T antenna or Cap hat?

George & Marijke Guerin
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 21:44:04 -0800


Maybe you could try putting a series capacitor with the analizer.  That
would tune out some inductive reactance and raise the resonant frequency.
Why not try different values and see what you get..  like 300 pfd, 400 pfd,
500 pfd, 600 pfd.   Or, set your analyzer on 1830 and tune for zero
reactance with a variable capacitor.  Maybe you will get a decent match.
A 5/16 wavelength inverted L antenna ~160 ft. / 48 mtr long usually has a
reactance that tunes out with 450 - 500 pfd series capacitor.  It will need
to be high voltage rating to handle the TX power if you decide a series feed
gives you a good match.

Good luck,    George    K8GG

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