Topband: VP6BR

Joseph Dube
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 07:32:57 -0500 (EST)

Hello All

I had an interesting QSO with Jukka VP6BR on 15 meters yesterday. I
tried to convince him to get on 160 with his low power. Unfortunately he
declined but it was not only because of his broken linear as is widely
believed. He stated that the halyard that holds the larger wire antennas
from the radio tower where  he is operating has also come down. In order
to change antennas it takes a trip up the tower. The weather has been
windy and rainy and with no one around to watch while he climbs, he has
not been able to change the antennas. He also stated that he would have
to change them at nite making the process more lethal. So for now until
the new linear arrives there may or may not be any 160 meter activity.  I
guess Mr Murphy likes to vacation on tropical islands too!!!!  

Joe  KK4TR

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