Topband: The QRG of CE0ZY

Takeshi Yoshida
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 08:24:04 +0900

Many of JAs are looking for CE0ZY every evening. 

But CE0ZY appeared always on 1832kHz. 

I said to DX stations time to time; "PSE avoid the spots of 1827.0  1832.0 
and 1836.0kHz" because all JA are getting QRM from BC harmonics on their 

By great effort of Bernd DF3CB, at last CE0ZY did move to 1833kHz at 10:30z 
on Feb-24th. (from VE1ZZ's packet report).  But unfortunately, the condx 
was very poor, then. 

Past 3 days, about 14 JAs managed to work CE0ZY only between 10:40-11:00z 
in bad QRM.  (Also I did it). 

Please understand, when CE0ZY does QSY from 1832 to 1833kHz around their 
sun-rise time. 
73,   de Yosi JA3AAW <> <>

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