Topband: condx - KL7 ARRL 160

Kevin - NL7Z Kevin - NL7Z" <
Sun, 27 Feb 2000 21:20:38 -0900

Conditions were generally poor here is Alaska this weekend.  We could hear
many stations but working them was almost impossible. I did hear W3GH the
first night with a decent signal - but could not make a qso. The second
night was the most interesting - a about 1000z I noticed that signals took
on a hollow sound ( multipath). I heard WB9Z with a S-8 signal and a very
pronounced echo, I called him once and when I un-keyed heard almost my
entire call return as an echo. I have heard this many times on 160 before -
so it is not new to me - but I was surprised that Jerry came right back to
me. During that time I also worked my one and only e.coast ( N4UK - SC) I
also worked K9NR and FK8CP all within about 5 minutes. After that the echo
was gone and it was back to the normal calling and not being heard scenario.
I did hear XE1RCS at an honest S9 many times - but again no qso. I had fun -
but it was a lot of work for 32 qso's!  Just remember : if 160 was like
20m - it would be most  boring!   Thanks to all who strained to get my
call - and cu on THE BAND.


Kevin  NL7Z
Kevin Forster   NL7Z

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