Topband: Echoes during CQ-160 SSB

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 08:48:55 -0500

  I noticed  long delay echoes on my signal at 1945z on Saturday during
the contest. This occurred at 2:45 in the afternoon! The delay of the
echo was about .2 to .3 seconds long and the echo was best on the
southeast beverage.

  The strength of the echoes peaked at S4 for about 1 minute. Then they
disappeared quickly.

   N2NU and I observed this phenomenon 10 years ago during a major solar
storm at about 0500Z (our midnight).  This lasted for about 10 minutes
or so. Has anyone experienced these echoes during the weekend? These
strange occurences sure make topband interesting.

  73,  Peter WW2Y

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