Topband: strange band

Herb Schoenbohm
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:44:59 -0400

Dan, I respond to your observations because at same time the circumstances in
the Virgin Islands were significantly reversed.  K9UR, Jack is 1994 miles from
from me and WB9Z, Jerry is 2216 miles.  At no time during the contest was
Jack anywhere close to the consistent thundering signal from WB9Z at this
location. Jack had a good signal but at least 3 to 4 S units down compared
to Jerry.  Unless the take off angle was significantly different at the two
locations it may be interesting to note that the mileage to Anchorage is
about 2979 for Jack and 2765 for Jerry  who is slightly farther but that
should not be an issue based on their antenna similarity.  Both, as you
pointed out use good vertical antenna installations with adequate ground
systems.  Both paths to you run a bearing for each within a degree of 320
degrees, so the closeness to the auroral bubble would be the same if there
was either enhancement or reduction on this signal path due to this
phenomenon.  It is really a good mystery why polar propagation is so
markedly different as compared to tropical propagation at the same time from
the same place. (I always like to watch the faces of the boys from Minnesota
when they operate from here and tune across the band and listen to

Another possible explanation  is that Jerry has a large commercial tower not
to far away from his 160 meter vertical.  Is it possible that there  is some
local interaction placing a significant null in your direction and a peak in
mine.  All things being equal I guess local FS measurements may be very
important to determine why there is such a big discrepancy toward Alaska
between these two stations.


Herb, KV4FZ

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