Topband: WZRC/WBBR

Tom Rauch
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 20:06:07 -0500

The FCC has been calling me for the past few days, and visited 
WZRC tonight. What helped a lot was being able to let him hear 
WBBR's audio in Georgia over the phone!!!

The FCC inspector confirmed WZRC definitely has a spurious 
emission on 1830 (and other frequencies) that is a mix of their 
audio and WBBR, with WBBR dominating the modulation.

The FCC inspector said he would contact WZRC tomorrow and 
instruct them to correct their problem ASAP. He will monitor the 
progress as they work on the station.

This does NOT mean 1830 will become a good frequency for DX 
stations to use. It will still be a poor choice.

73, Tom W8JI

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