Topband: BC Beacon 1890

Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:42:46 +0600

One correction to may post of yesterday

with regards to BC harmonics reflectees may like to listen on 1890 kHz

it is the 3rd harmonic of 630 which is Dhaka B (in Bangladesh) apparently.

***operation times 0030 - 2100 UTC***

correction it goes idle between 1730 and 1800  
I checked 630 kHz while on a site visit today and my driver explained about
the gap in transmission at 1130pm and 1200pm local time.  Something about
providing a service to the Bangladesh expat community in the middle east
during 1800-2100 UTC.

must check my facts more fully next time but could not stay awake long
enough to confirm through the night !! just knew it was not there after
2100 on a few occasions when I have been suffering from insomnia.

Bob Parkes

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