Topband: Reversible Beverage

Sun, 4 Jun 2000 10:18:58 -0500

Hello, I'm just putting the finishing touches on a bi-directional Beverage
and was wondering if I should run the control wires for the relay under the
Beverage wire, or go by another route and bring it back in at the far end in
a right angle. It will be carrying 12VDC for the control relays/ The 75 Ohm
feedline is double shielded and already runs below the Beverage wire with
little negative consequences.

This 1000' wire will be fed at either end, and terminated at the other. The
control relays will also pick up a few more 1000' wires at that end and send
them down the feedline, one at a time.

Thanks. George K0FF

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