Topband: 1822 digital signal

Bob Marshall-Read
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 13:30:43 +0100


Haven't heard it here in eastern England.  We have a 'marker' that is very
strong from the continent on 1.850 and appears to be a digital signal.  I
use it to align my eastern receive antennas.  It may be a good beacon for
you guys listening for Europe.

The band opened up a little last night about 0045 with VE1ZZ coming through 
(worked at 579) and PY2FUS heard at about 559 but no joy.

Broadcast sprog from the USA at 1.830 came up at about the same time on the
west flag antenna.

Not many people on from VE/W/K though.


Bob  G4VGO  KY0C

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