Topband: Preamp?

Mon, 19 Jun 2000 11:57:17 -0400

Ahoy WI5A & topband reflector readers:

I use a ZJ Electronics Beverage Box with 10db built-in amp on a 600 ft
Beverage.  The waterproof box that contains the 50 ohm to  HiZ matching,
540khz-1600khz rejection, and amp circuitry is located at the antenna
mounted on a round ground stake and the 12V DC power is fed on 200 ft of
coaxial feedline from radio central.  Cost to me was $86.95 including
shipping charges and I have had it working since Dec. '98.  I can see the
increase in sig level with and without the amp working and I am satisfied
with the product.  Needless to say, I hear more weak sigs better with the
amp on.  It is designed for easy and convenient mount of the box right on
the ground stake.

The ZJ Electronics telephone number on my documentation is:
315-635-2016; it was a recorder when I ordered in '98.  I don't have the web
URL in my favorites and it isn't in the ZJ docs.  The PVRC links page shows
ZJ to be at but that is a dead URL.

If anyone does have a valid URL for ZJ, please post it.

I am going to look at the ICE product since I am doing another beverage
before this fall and I don't wanna wait until the last moment.

Tnx  73,  Pete  K4LDR  Citrus County, FL

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