Topband: 160m preamps

Steve Babcock
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 21:28:30 -0600

  I called CS engineering last year about these amps.  Unfortunately, i
spoke to the XYL of Chuck who ran/ owned (?) CS and he has passed away.

I have since built 4 of the variable gain preamps from the schematic in the
Oct. 89 Ham Radio article (thanks Gary KD9SV).  I have them mounted in a
weather proof enclosure, two amps per box, one for 80 and one for 160.  I
relay band switch them.
Although they have a tuned input and output, i still had overload/
intermod?? from the local AM station so now have W3LPL band pass filters in
front of each amp.  They work very well, and make a huge difference on my
"on the ground" beverages and coax loop.
Mouser has the FET devices and Amidon the can etch a PC board
with a much smaller footprint than the one shown in the article.

GL  de Steve....VE6WZ.

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