Topband: 4U1UN 160M operation on Dec. 19, 1998

Donald J. Toman Donald J. Toman" <
Sun, 25 Jun 2000 22:25:24 -0000

Hello everyone,

Thanks to a glitch that occurred about halfway through my 160M CW 
operation at 4U1UN on Dec. 19, 1998, my computer log jumped bands to 
40M. It was probably due to RFI from the other station that went on 80M 
SSB with full power about halfway through my 160 operation.

I discovered the problem about a year ago, fixed my copy of the logs, 
and I think took care of most people who first sent a QSL to W6TER and 
found the QSO marked for 40M instead of 160. Recently, Ted, N4XX ran 
into the same problem and contacted me resulting in a corrected QSL.

If you worked 4U1UN on that date on 160 CW and had a problem with the
QSL, let me know with a card/SASE. I was the op, I have the correct log, 
and I will make good on the QSLs.

There are 109 QSOs in the log for 160M that evening. About half were
correctly marked as 160M and the other half incorrectly marked for 40M.  

Good DX,

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