Topband: Rx Ant Preamps?

Gary Breed
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 13:14:28 -0400


The scheme you propose may prove unsatisfactory.  The Pennant and Flag
antennas are independent of ground and must be isolated from the feedline.
A preamplifier will almost certainly have a common ground for both input
and output, and thus, no isolation of the "cold" side.

A transformer with separate primary and secondary windings is required,
or an autoformer style transformer plus a choke balun. I suppose you
could use a choke balun on the feedline side of a Hi-Z input preamp, but
you were trying to eliminate the transformer so it defeats your original

A Beverage, EWE or K9AY loop operate against ground and do not require
such isolation (except when you feed a EWE in an upper corner).  Note
also that the K9AY loop and EWE work on exactly the same principle as the
Flag or Pennant (terminated loop), but with a ground connection. Unless
you require an elevated location such as a rooftop, you will see little,
if any, difference among any of these type antennas (of the same size).

73 and good luck!

Gary Breed

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