Topband: Ph.Verticals

Martin Jonink Martin Jonink" <
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 10:53:38 +0100

Hi All,

Altough not the antenna reflector, I post this question here 'cause it's 
more a lowband related one.

Experiments this year with two 1/4 wave verticals, 1/4 wave spaced and 
fed in phase or 180 deg out phase, failed because I was never able to 
get the same impedances (out by 25 ohm) in the two positions. Phasing 
was done by switching an electrical 180 deg line in or out the two 1/4 
wave feed lines....

Searching for the answer on what could cause this "little" problem, I 
came across an artical in the ARRL Antenna Compendium, Vol 2; "Steerable 
Arrays for the Low Band" by W5AH
This design  uses a hybrid power divider and an 2:1 unun  to match the 
divider to 50 ohms.
The divided outputs can be used to either feed in phase or with the help 
of delay lines the phase delay one wishes.

The  question is, would this be a good alternative for the set-up I've 
been experimenting with. I have no experience with the design described, 
nor that I know someone who is using it.

Comments are very much apreciated.

Martin, PA4WM

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