Topband: ZK1NJC

Fri, 3 Nov 2000 10:14:10 -0600

A pleasant surprise this morning when I got down to the rig and got the
packet computer up and going.  WB9Z had spotted ZK1NJC at 1218z on 1832.5.
I tuned the receiver and got the right beverage and, sure enough, there he
was.  He was working JA stations.  I couldn't tell where he was listening.
I called a few times on his TX freq (reluctantly) but got no reply (also, no
one said anything - like "up").  I called a few more times but had a gut
feeling he was listening somewhere else.  I switched to the JA beverage and
tried to find his QSX but could not find it.  WB9Z then spotted the ZK1
again indicating a QSX of 15.  I went there and got him worked on about the
third call.  I worked them at 1221z.  The ZK1 was decent copy although I was
fighting some wx front related static crashes.  By the time it got to be
sunrise (around 1300z) he was pounding in at an honest 589.  By that time I
was trying to work A52B (with success) on 40.  A good morning indeed.

Thanks Jerry (WB9Z) for the QSX info. . . it was nice getting a new one on

73. . . Dave

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