Topband: Booting to DOS; Changing KBOARD

Jeffrey Steinman
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 08:32:52 -0600

>From EA8 I will be using a desktop Pentium running Finnish WIN95. Same as
last year on SSB.
Booting to DOS is no problem, change WIN.COM to WIN95.COM. 

But I also need to change the keyboard type from FINNISH to US. As I recall
last year changing in WIN95 was not enough, as the computer was essentially
booting to DOS. There was a file somewhere that I edited from DOS using
EDIT. In the file was a line signifying keyboard type, and I changed "SU" to
"US" (I assume SU = Finnish in their language). My trusty RF proof US
keyboard then functioned like I was at home.

I cannot recall what this file was - anyone know?


Jeff, N5TJ

p.s. Guess I should have saved last year's notes!

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