Topband: de LZ2CJ

Valeri Stefanov
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 09:50:34 +0200

Just like to inform those of you guys who still need LZ on 160m
that I have finally been successful in errecting a 20m high vertical
last weekend. This Sunday we'll be tunning it for 160 and 80m.

The final plan is to have two phased verticals array for 80 and 160m
for next season. Verticals will be spaced 20m each from the other.
There is a lot of space for beverages at my countryside location,too.

The only sad news are that I could go there mostly only for contests.
Me for SSB ones and LZ2FV will operate the station in CW ones.

So, look for LZ2FV on CW in comming CQWW CW after few weeks.
He'll be SOSB 160m with vertical and beverages plus IC 735 (250Hz
filter installed) and my ACOM 2000 A.

I'll be operating prior to the contest on SSB and CW to try to give you
a new one.

Best 73's and many new ones.

de Wally LZ2CJ

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