Topband: Wide band noise

Tom Rauch
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 08:38:57 -0500

This morning a very strong wide band noise (sounded like spread 
spectrum transmission) appeared from the northwest. It faded and 
peaked, and so was not groundwave. After sunrise, it faded with 
signals (staying about 20 dB below AA0RS's signal).

Has anyone else heard this buzzing noise? I've heard something 
similar at times at my sunset from the northeast.

It's absolutely not local. It is propagated in. Is anyone aware of 
anyone running a spread spectrum signal somewhere on 160 
meters? The signal was about 200 kHz wide (1700 to 1900 kHz), 
with peaks and nulls in level every 5-10 kHz.
73, Tom W8JI

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