Topband: Wide band noise, Low Band Radar Tests?
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:05:51 EST

Last year, a very similar noise had appeared repeatedly centered around 
3.790MHz, 30-50KHz wide.  It was descibed by many with experience as a broad 
band signal associated with low band radar tests.  It appeared like clock 
work at 1200Z for several months, then at 13:00Z, with the time change, and 
would last for around an hour, and sometimes would remain on throughout the 
day time hours, turning on and off several times.

>From Wyoming, Washington, and reports in California, best guess was that this 
signal orginated somewhere in Nevada our southern Utah.  The signal had 
similar signal peaks and nodes on my scope as W8ji described with the 160 
signal.  Living on 80 meters last year, it was a common nuisance.  It might 
still be there this season but I have not noticed it the few times I've been 
on in the mornings-  I last heard it this past October.

There was a Candian station that created simlar  inrterference in the 80 
meter CW window last year during the east coast USA sunset and into their 
early evening hours, exactly like the one we were getting on 80 meters at our 
sunrise out west.  

This signal was actually discovered to be from a Candian government radar 
test site and they moved it down out of range of the amatuer band when 
approached.  This signal was referred to many times as the "Buzzsaw" and 
postings in last years TowerTalk make reference to it as does a search on 
OH2AQ's spot search by call...just enter in "buzzsaw" for call sign and you 
will see it posted several times last year.  It was mentioned in a few ARRL 
publications-  Recordings of the Canadian Buzzsaw and the mystery buzzsaw out 
west were identical- same radar, different site-  Not surprised to see 
probable experimentation on 160- From researching the buzzsaw last year, like 
interstate highways, I was told that the feds can do what they want, where 
they want, when projects are associated with National security- And I doubt 
if they see the amateur needs of the stateside "boyz" outweighing  the 
security interests of this country-  wierd science eh? 

73  Paul N0AH 

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