Topband: A61AJ

Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:08:27 -0800

Congrats to W7LR and others working A61AJ this morning especially from
inland QTH's (Montana).  I heard him calling CQ when I turned on the RX at
about 14:45Z.  He was quite loud, peaking 589, definitely coming from the SW
direction.  (Switched with the 4 Square to confirm). I also heard some very
weak Europeans calling him, just a few dB below the threshold for a
successful QSO.  He seemed to be hearing well and worked a number of West
Coast stations.  (There were a few however that did not get through.) It
shows there is a path there that can be exploited, with perhaps a few more
dB than required on the high bands. 

73,  Bob N7UA

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