Topband: Quick disconnect for Ladder Line

George & Marijke Guerin
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:54:21 -0500

Bill et. al.

If you are going to try the Plexiglas method, I have used banana plugs and
banana jacks to change connections from antenna to tuner or balun and
antenna to ground.

Another thought is to use the knife switch to go from feeder to tuner/balun
or to ground and also pull the banana plugs from the ladder line to
tuner/balun.  Someone made spark gaps for ladderline that worked as well:
Kind of a diamond shaped ground lead inbetween the incoming ladder line

 __      _____     __
|__> <_____> <__|
  |             |             |
  |             |             |
line        gnd        line

This is supposed to help direct the energy away from the other side of knife

73       Happy Thanksgiving

 George    K8GG

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