Topband: Inverted L Questions

Phil Wheeler
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:16:37 -0800

Scott Northcutt wrote:
> Greetings Topband Gurus.
> I need to tap some of the collective wisdom of The List as I am soon
> about to embark upon my "160 m from a city lot" adventure.

The following is a design used by a neighbor of mine with good success:

"My 160 meter antenna is actually an 80 meter inverted-L (ie: ~65'
long). The vertical section
is 25' of aluminum tubing. The base rests above a chain link fence ( ~6'
off ground). I use an
SGC remote tuner mounted at the feedpoint and the chain link fence plus
2 coax radials/band
(80/160) for a ground system. I've modelled this on NEC and it behaves
like an elevated
vertical, with the improved low angle performance one expects."

His lot is quite small.  The vertical section appears to have been
adapted from a defunct vertical of the R5/R7 style, and is located near
one back corner of the lot.  The "horizontal" section runs more like an
inverted V, up to an arm from a pipe-built tower and down to the other
back corner of his property.  He has radials built from coax which are
gerrymandered along the back and one side of the lot.

The only limiting aspect of the design (for my budget) is the commitment
of an SGC tuner (mounted at the base of the vertical section).  I assume
he does that to get both 160 and 80 conveniently, and that for 160 only
you could build your own tuner from "reasonable" components.

Caveat: I am not yet on 160, but am now reading this list to get there. 
But my friend has had good DX success with this antenna in a Los Angeles

73, Phil W7OX

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