Topband: Logging programs for 160 test

Jon Zaimes AA1K
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:44:05 +0000

In response to my query about what software folks would be using this
weekend for the ARRL 160 contest, since CT has yet to include Cabrillo
format for this contest:

7 using NA (versions 10.50 and 10.51 were mentioned)
6 using TR Log
2 using SD (EI5DI Super Duper; v.9.69 was mentioned)
1 using Writelog V10.20B
1 using CT (and worrying later about the conversion!)

2 others requesting the results!

Some of the specific comments:

I'll be using SD (A great program as long as you don't need DX Cluster
or Multi stn set-ups.  Especially good for non-US contests)   The latest
version (9.69) produces a Cabrillo format entry file.
I'll use NA v10.50.  I haven't loaded v10.51 yet but it won't matter to me
for this event.  I've been an NA fan since 1993 after trying every logger
program that was available up til 1993.  Support and help over all those
years has been and is superb from K8CC via the NA reflector, as displayed on web site.
I had resigned myself to using the "other" brand.  It sure would be nice
to get CT up-to-date for all the contests.  Thanks, and have a good week.
I will be using the EI5DI Super Duper program; the
latest version - it is Cabrillo format.
I'll use CT and worry about the Cabrillo format later...and
hope there is conversion program available....if not, there's
always pencil and paper...hi.. hi

Thanks to all for your help...hope I can get one of these on-line before
the weekend!

73/Jon AA1K

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