Topband: Beverage Length

Robert G. Flory
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 06:08:26 -0400


Over the years, my buddies and I have noticed improvements when lengthening
Beverages from 4-500 feet to 6-800 feet. In that range, adding 100 feet has
often improved the performance of a Beverage.   We have never had the real
estate to go beyond that.  

As far as magic lengths go, if you are going to try to achieve them, you
can't just use a tape measure, because the velocity of propagation on a
Beverage is not equal to free space.  Factors such as height, ground
characteristics etc. will make a difference in how many wavelengths long a
particular piece of wire is.  The additional science necessary might be
better invested in putting up another Beverage, unless the science is what
makes it fun for you.

73, Rob K2WI

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