Topband:Parallel vertical antennas and 160M amps

Eric Scace
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 20:00:55 +0400

>The 40m inverted vee here is actually made of PVC-covered soft-drawn copper
>wire (so if it gets tangled up with the 160m one, it doesn't stop working).
>This wire tends to stretch by an inch or so over the course of a year
>owing to wind movement/tension. 

You can convert soft-drawn copper to hard-drawn.  Tie one end of the copper
wire to something secure.  Get a good grip on the other end and just lean
most of your body weight against it (or use some other technique to apply
about 75-100 kg of force).  The wire will stretch and harden.  Once you've
done this, it won't stretch anymore.

-- Eric R3/K3NA

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