Topband: ZD7K

Dick Wolf
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 12:44:48 -0700

Hi Gang,

Heard K1ZM calling/working Richard about 0530z, and noted
Jeff was having trouble getting through.  Jeff was copying the
ZD7 at 589, but apparently ZD7K was having noise problems.
. . . . . Just Great !!!!!

I started hearing ZD7K at 0622z, 9 minutes before his SR,
peaking a 339, and gave him a shot.  Unbelievably, he came
back . . . The grayline enhancement must have quieted things
down for him.  Think I heard George, W8UVZ make it through
shortly after. . . Cutting it kinda close to SR - Congrats Geo.

I have listened for the ZD7 every single night, and heard him on
April 8 with a good solid 559, no one else calling, but no QSO.

Thanks for the adrenalin rush Richard - and thanks to Zooma,
the propagation deity.

Dick - N6FF

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