Topband: 160 Intruders

Bob Marshall-Read
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:06:18 +0100


With a limited equipment list here in /4X it is difficult to analyse in 
depth, but recent politics in this region have made it a 'target' of MW 
broadcasts and now we have intruders in the amateur segment.

What I have found is primary frequencies in the 160m band using high 
peak AM, (1845, 1836, 1827) and the worst and most frequent offender is 
in American English on 1845.

Checking what would be the fundamental of a harmonic and the upper 
frequency of a sub-harmonic finds nothing, these are international 
broadcasters using our band!

I notice from packet spots even UA's have noticed this.

Not sure what to do, but this is serious from our standpoint.  I speak 
Arabic and the intruders don't ID in that language, but unfortunately 
Hebrew is not one of my areas of expertise and the other two big signals 
are in that language.

They go away about local midnight, so they appear to be trying for the 
local audience.

BTW, worked G3JMJ from here less than an hour after my sunset and two 
hours before his three days ago on Topband and we both thought each was 
a pirate....never thought that could happen.

Running 50 watts here with a half wave sloper starting at 90 metres and 
ending 5 above the ground and just 90 metres from the beach.  Now to 
solve the S6 noise level on the next trip home and back, returning with 
the MFJ 1026 and pennant bits.

Total of 29 countries through the QRN and BC stations and now I realise 
what Riki and Ami face all the time

73 de 4X/G4VGO in beautiful Tel Aviv.

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