Topband: Vertical antenna near field efficiency

Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:37:39 -0500


My experience with elevated radials has been quite good although mine are
not elevated anywhere near 40'.  I use an elevated feed quarter wave
vertical on 160.  The top end is hung off the 120' guy ring on the rotating
tower.  The feedpoint is about 10' off the ground and about 50' out from the
base of the tower.  I have two elevated 1/4 wave radials attached which are
also about 10' off the ground.  I'm not sure what else to say except it
works like gangbusters.

Interestingly enough, several people had advised me (here on the reflector)
that it is very inefficient and there is no way that it could be very
effective.  That said, it will hold it's own against other stations in the
Midwest (I'm in Iowa). . . so much for the naysayers.

73. . .Dave

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