R: Topband: TX0C Update

Luis Mansutti IV3PRK luisprk@tin.it
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 22:13:49 +0200

Hi Bill !

W4ZV wrote:

>         For 1 May, their sunset is 0705 and sunrise is 1827. 

...are you sure ? their sunrise should be 19.42z ...otherwise no chance for
me with my sunset at 18.15z !
In any case it will be more than difficult, but the the VE7VV propagation
program gives me 2% of possibilities, and we have learnt that on this BAND
we should never give up !
So thanks for the very good news Bill and GL !


        Luis is correct...I read Astronomical Dawn from the printout 
instead of Sunrise.  The correct times are 0705 and 1942.  Also I sent
Dany a message to avoid 1830.00 after I saw Nob-San's post.  Dany
replied that he understood and that their boat was leaving in 6 hours.

                                                73 & GL,  Bill  W4ZV

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