Topband: Tee Setup

Jerry Swords
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 20:43:46 -0400

Hello All

Thanks again for all the info on the Tee Antenna.  After looking at
the information on putting up the 50 foot vertical Tee this is what I
am going to try.  The vertical of course is 50' and the flat top is 120',
60' on each side of the Tee and no less than 32 135 foot radials.  I guess
60 would be better but I will add them if the antenna works out.

I also asked about installing the antenna on top of a hill but most
said that down in the valley would probably work better.  I don't have an
open view in any direction because the hills box me in.

I have one more idea but would like to see what you guys think.
Would the inverted L work better for me as far as getting a low angle
antenna or will the 50' Tee work better than the 1/4 wave inverted L?


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