Topband: Interaction with Elevated Radials

Bill Gerhold
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:48:40 +0100

I have almost completed the installation of a 1/4 wave 80 meter vertical
using an elevated radial system.  At the present time I have only (12) 1/4
wave radials and some of these radials pass under my other antenna which is
a 160 meter dipole at 50 feet.  As I add additional radials, more of them
will pass under the 160 meter dipole.  The vertical separation of the 80
meter elevated radials to the 160 meter dipole is about 40 feet.  This
situation could not and cannot be avoided due to the constraints of my
property.  Using the vertical at 1.5kw, I have noticed significant SWR/Power
meter deflection in my external tuner which is connected to the 160 meter
dipole.  This is caused by coupling to the 160 meter antenna and quite
possibly the ladder line down lead which is vertical also and about 40 feet
away from the 80 meter vertical being fed back into the tuner.  This is not
a problem just a fact.

My question is this:

By using elevated radials (about 10 feet high), have I effectively lowered
the height of my dipole?
Does my dipole now see the radials as real ground even though they are not

Thanks for any replies.