Topband: 7th Call Area Propagation Opening

KN4LF, Thomas Giella
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 15:02:24 -0500

  I followed the packet spots last night and could not hear a peep out of
European's that the 7th call area was working. Europe had been open here in
Central Florida for a good number of days but it all came to a screeching
halt when the M7 solar flare and 10+3 proton event began.
  The skewed propagation observed last night was basically a case of the
transmitted signals from Europe skirting south then west around the
southward expanded aurora oval. Also many times a transmitted signal can
fall out of the E/F propagation duct in front of, to the left or right or
even over then behind a QTH, explaining no audible signals in Arizona, Ohio
and Florida last night.

73 And Happy New Year,
Thomas Giella, KN4LF

Plant City, FL
Grid Square- EL88wx
CQ Zone 5
ITU Zone 8

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