Topband: 160M results 28 Dec from N0AH
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 20:45:01 EST

Comparing aurora oval photos between the 27th and 28th, it seemed the pattern 
was very similar, with a little less intensity on the 28th, so I thought last 
night would be another good opening- But after hearing just about every EU 
posted after about 04:30, I was unable to work anyone until 06:53. The band 
was full of EU signals-  Very frustrating to hear OM2XW for over 2 hours, 
with stations in IA and UT working him but not me-  OE6MBG and OM2XW had very 
good signals, but I never could get through to them- Then, finally at 0653z, 
DJ7RD answers my CQ, DF2PY is weak, but worked first call right at his 
sunrise at 07:18, and G3XGC at 0727, ON4WW 2nd night in a row at 0730 and 
G3PQA at 0733.  This was much more like a typical weak 80M opening when the 
sunrise terminator line making the difference between being heard or not.  
But what a strange night with W0FLS in IA and K7CA  in UT working EU all over 
the place, and me, in between them, not making into EU until much later-   
F8BPN was copiable for over 2 hours last night but I just got word from her 
that her rig is down and it might be awhile before she is on again-  73  Paul