Topband: 160m CONDX -

ragnar otterstad
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 15:27:22 +0100

>What meant to be part-time activity turned out to be yet another
>unforgettable experience on Topband.

I can relate to Ivo´s observations. AND I cannot help feeling, that if some
of the "big guns" listened more they would pick up more stations.  Some
operators seem to be using extremely narrow filters and did not tune enough
around their own frequency. If the rest of us are careful enough to
zero-beat many calls are lost or it takes a while before QSO is made.

I would like to see the band being divided into geographical segments on 80
and 160. Thereby it would be possible to work "cross-band" into "weak"
areas.  To work a West-coast stn on 80 or 160 in ARRL contest is more or
less "accidental"!!  hi

I had fun though, working just morning sessions on 80 + 160! Conds were
excellent and I had pile ups like on 20 or 40 for awhile!


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