Topband: HC

Ryszard Tymkiewicz
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 06:07:54 +0200

Hello All,
It seems we have rather a Summer Holidays season /at least
in the North part of the World/ but I've got some news from
Otto HC2/UA4WAE, I suppose some of you still need him on 
Topband.  So, here is a part of his letter :

I improved my 160 Antenna.  Now I have quarter wave wire
vertical, I dropped wire from the roof to the street
lamp and made 3 radials.  Highest point of antenna is 43

If you still are waiting for his QSL be patient, the post in Ecuador
is very slow, the letter sent by Otto 23rd April /Air Mail/ I got after
2 months just few days ago.

          73 GL

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