Topband: RF resistance of wire

Roger Parsons
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 13:42:41 +0000

>how do you test  the loss of 1000 feet of wire ??? John k9dx

I don't know!  The losses are certainly calculable as wires, but measurement 
would be extremely difficult. When I was involved with this the stranded 
conductors were centre cores of coaxial cables. It was pretty easy to 
measure losses in that case. Of course it helped having a cable manufacturer 
who was prepared to make lots of lengths of slighly varying cable in 
anticipation of lots of future business. I no longer have that luxury, and I 
think (know) that I would find differential equations a little more 
difficult than I did back then!!!

Just as a thought, I guess one way would be to make an open wire 
transmission line and measure the loss on that. But I repeat, on 160m any 
wire that will stay in the air will be satisfactory. The same may not be 
true for tuned circuits.

73 Roger

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