Topband: Re: FT-1000mp MK V

Barry N1EU
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 22:24:13 -0400

The MP does a yeoman's job suppressing BCB problems.  Virtually every other 
rig I've had in the shack has suffered.  I've just brought an FT-1000 into 
the shack and it's side-by-side with the MP.  With the Beverage feeding the 
FT-1000, problems start as soon as I tune up past 1800Khz.  1800-2000Khz 
sounds like the AM broadcast band, with "stations" every 10Khz.  With the 
MP, the garbage is held below 1800.  As soon as I tune up past 1800, no more 
problems.  Yaesu added some great front end filtering in the MP.

Barry  N1EU

"Just a very important observation from this morning on 160M using my new MK
V. With my old TS-940 I needed to add 10DB attenuation or a BC filter to
kill the bc stations overload (S-Mtr pinned) at my QTH.  With the MK V no bc
overlaod is noted"

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