Topband: Shunt-Fed Short Tower

Constantine, Charles
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:47:21 -0800

GE All,

I am using the same setup here.
I have the 33' tower with a couple of beams
I shunt feed it for both 80 & 160
I have the shunt wire mounted at the top of the tower sticking out 4'
Then at the bottom I pull the wire out to approx 5' (to raise the feed
resistance) then Omega match it.
I don't have room for radials and the system will not be "Perfect" but I
have 67 countries so far (incl XU, EA8, CY0, 3DA0, CN, 9M, etc) so it does

Check out the photos and drawing on my webpage

Good Luck

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