Topband: Shunt feeding caps.

Harold Smith
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 17:34:36 -0600


I will agree with John, G3XRU. I don't think ceramic capacitors are the way
to go.

I even had a problem with air varible capacitors at 1500 watts. The plates
would warp and short out. I went to vacuum variables and no problems.

My matching network is in a 18 X 18 X 6 inch waterproof box screwed to the
base of my 80 ft tower. I use 2-500pf 7500volt vacuum varible capacitors.

73 de
Price WRI and Club WCKC

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> Hi, I am looking for advice on replacing the 250pF bread-slicer used in my
> 160M Gamma match with a fixed value cap and therefore reducing the size of
> the NEMA box at the base of the tower. I am at about half mesh on the
> bread-slicer and am thinking about ceramic doorknobs as a replacement. Run
> 1KW to it. Are there any caveats?
> Bob, W3PT
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