Topband: DX Window-N4ZR

Mon, 9 Dec 2002 16:51:54 -0600

N4ZR's comment about the "Window" during the ARRL 160 CW struck a nerve! =
 It seems to me that except for a few ZF, NP2, HI, KH6, etc stns in the =
window for a reason.Why do the US and VE stns operate in the window?  =
This happens in all the 160 meter contests.  I heard a VK4 stn with a =
good signal call and work a US stn in the window and then move off and =
the US stn continued with CQ Test! With about 3 to 4 US/VE stns in the =
window and very strong CQ Testers (US) on the very outside edges, the 5 =
KHZ Window becomes very small.

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