Topband: K9AY Loop Revisited
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:58:08 -0800

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:26:00 -0600 "Greg Deuhs" <>
> Hello All:
> I broke down and ordered a K9AY loop kit from Array Solutions today. 
> I know
> there has been some discussion lately on receiving antennas,
> but I'm looking for any helpful tips.  I did order the fiberglass 
> mast, so
> the metal mast ? is solved.

I installed one for the ARRL 160 and used a metal mast with a 5' PVC
section attached to the top.
It appeared to work fine.
> 1.  Can I use high quality RG-58?  The coax run will be about 150 
> feet. My gut feel is yes (low loss at 1.8/3.5 mHz), but does it lack
> proper shielding for anti-noise pick-up?
Mine uses about 100' of rg-316 and no problem with signal
How you route it will have a big effect on noise pickup. Of course, use
good coax..not RS stuff.

> 2.  What's preferred, being all things somewhat equal.  Mounting the 
> antenna
> 40+ feet from an overhead powerline (house drop -- 22 foot high mast 
> +
> safety factor) or mounting farther away from the power line, but 
> closer to
> my Hy-tower? (I run 150 watts).

Tuff call. I think you would want to get it away from the power lines
I ran 100W all weekend and the NE loop pointed right into my antenna with
a 15' spacing. No problem.
In fact, that was the quietest direction.  I did notice the SWR on the
xmit antenna went up.

> 3. What's the final verdict on the RX antenna jack on the FT-1000MP 
> MK5?  Is > it safe to use or is a separate switch box needed?

I have mine connected that way, didnt seem to be a problem.

> 4. What type of ground does the K9AY loop need?  The installation 
> manual
> says 4 or more 10 foot ground radials will help, other K9AY loop 
> articles
> I've read says ground loss is part of why the antenna works.
> Any help appreciated.  BTW, something must be working here, I worked 
> my
> first VK on topband two weeks ago using my Hy-tower with the MK-160 
> inverted
> L adaptor.
I pounded a 4' piece of 1/2" copper pipe in the ground and attached the
switch box to that.
Nothing else. Seemed to work well.
> Greg
> K0PJ/9
> Chuck KR6C
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