Topband: Inv-L vs. T

Lane Zeitler
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 20:00:50 -0800

I have a 30 ft free standing Rohn 25G tower that I am extending to a total 
of 65 ft via the use of an old force-12 2" dia. boom from an old yagi. This 
will be clamped to the top of the tapered section vertically.

I have enough tall trees to support either an Inverted L or a T for 160. 
Which will give me most bang for the buck or are they basically going to 
perform abt the same?

My plan is to NOT actually feed the tower but to use it to support the L for 
the T.

Ideas and thoughts?


PS Or should I put up a T and shunt feed the tower? I have plenty of room 
for full size 1/4 radials to lay on the ground.

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