Topband: Stew Perry Spots!!!!

Sun, 29 Dec 2002 07:21:30 -0000

Hi All!

Just a few words for some comments about spots on the DX cluster during the
Stew Perry last night.
I was really sad, when I checked the Spots Data Base on the OH2AQ DX
Cluster, and when I saw that someone did use my call spoting me several
time, writing stupidities and when I read the comment of some of the guys!
I NEVER used autospot, not before, not in the future and I always have been
fair and honest on the bands and will always be.
That's a pity that things like this can hapen, I am really sorry.
Anyway, I took a short part in the contest, not too good conditions this
side, only 100 QSO in the log and not a single US station.
See you soon on the band, and Happy 2003 to you all

88 F8BPN