Topband: propagation during the Stew Perry test

Richard Karlquist
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 11:13:49 -0800

>From California, condx seemed to be excellent;
there was just a dearth of activity.  The
noise level was very low, and I had no trouble
hearing KH6AT when he came back to my CQ, even though
I was listening on the East beverage.
All the KH6's were armchair copy on the West beverage.
I only worked a handful of JA's, but they
were mostly armchair copy, and came right
back on the first call.  East coast stations
were a little easier to copy than during
the ARRL.  W8JI was positively booming in
when he called me after his sunrise.
KV4FZ (is this Herb's call again?) had a nice
signal for an easy 12 pointer.  No other DX was heard.

Rick Karlquist    N6RK 

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> Hi and Happy New year,
> The conditions may have been good in other areas, but, from 
> here (the Pacific Northwest) they were the worst I can 
> remember during a contest.  Very little from east of the 
> Mississippi and even KH6 was weak to the west.  Hope for 
> better luck next year.
> 73  Stan W7AWA
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