Topband: DU9/N0NM away for 2 weeks

George Taft
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:19:29 -0500

Jon sent the following info today:

> I will take one last trip out of Philippines this year.  I leave tomorrow, 13 Nov until 28 Nov for Camboida and India.  I
> am sad to have to miss the CQWWCW contest.  I hope to hit the low band contests around the end of the year and
> beginning of '03.
> 73...jon

Jon has had very limited success this season with our very poor condx.

He did work a stn from midwest US and from SE US on an opening last week
on top band.  We hope condx will come roaring back as he returns.

Good luck

73  George  W8UVZ