Topband: YZ1AA on topband

Kele YT3T
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 21:08:15 +0200

Hello to all,

today, Rod YZ1AA (also QRV as YU1AAO, YT0I) erected a hybrid structure
(wood, steel, fiberglass) of 75ft total, to support an inverted L with 2
elevated 1/4wl radials. It is 4 wires to the top, and single wire from the
top towards the tribander tower, almost horizontal.
We also erected 4x 70ft radials in order to tune them when using this
antenna as an 80m vertical. Being totaly unexperienced with twin band
verticals, we wonder if a pair of 135ft radials and two pairs of 70ft
radials can be joined together with no pain?

GL & CU on the band soon...

73 Kele YU1AO, YT3T