Topband: Full Moon, Oct 21

Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:22:14 -0700

Hello All,

The full moon will be here in a few days.  Last month I had some very
exciting European propagation during the full moon period.  I had 31
QSO's to Europe on the days of the full moon.  This was from Tucson
on 80 meters SSB.  I haven't heard Europe since that time with any
strength but now have high hopes again.  Please keep this in mind and
see what can be done from the west on 160.

The full moon will be Oct. 21 plus or minus.  The plus or minus is
because the location of the full moon over earth is very important.  In
the evenings (USA) it will be located over South America which should
help Europe/Africa and South America propagation.  At sunrise it
will be located over Indosesia which should help Oceania propagation.
The plus or minus is also important because there is enough sun reflected
energy from the moon on some nights near but not on the full moon date.